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Another One About Sony

Finally….some lawsuits!

Here’s one more article about Sony BMG and their crappy XCP technology. 


November 14, 2005 at 2:47 pm 2 comments

Mom Sued for $2M

A stay-at-home mom of three is facing a $2M suit for libel (publishing false information) because she reported about the hazards presented to her neighbourhood by a (stupid) company. Read the full story here.

Great. Just great.

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Anti-Gravity Device Patented

I doubt if it really works, but it has been (cruelly) patented like so many other great technologies which could have brought a technological revolution if only some greedy crack didn’t patent it. Anyways, read the full story here.

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Victory of the Users Over Sony BMG

We all know about the hateful copy-protection software installed by Sony in their latest Van Zant CDs, right? No? See this.

It looks like finally the end user has won and Sony now has agreed to refrain from installing “anti-piracy” (“pro-malware”?)  software in their CDs. But, speaking frankly, Sony has virtually killed the CD industry.

But wait! No need to start partying now, because this is what Sony said –

“As a precautionary measure, Sony BMG is temporarily suspending the manufacture of CDs containing XCP technology,? the company said in a statement. “We also intend to re-examine all aspects of our content protection initiative to be sure that it continues to meet our goals of security ease of consumer use.?

It looks like they won’t give up, will they? They’ll just design a better version to “protect the end-user from piracy” which will be better (read : more restrictive) than the last one. But wait! There’s still hope.

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Web 2.0 – My way

Web 2.0 is the new wave of internet services which provide the end user services normally provided by a “fully loaded” PC. This includes services like word processing, presentations etc. – all on the web, directly from your web browser.

Well, as always, Microsoft are sticking their noses into this area of computing too. They launched Office Live and Windows Live recently. But trust me, there’s nothing live about this. Microsoft’s services are just another way of making more money.

But here’s how I see Web 2.0 – a community-based platform with personal websites, blogs, forums, chat and sharing of knowledge. A place where people can have fun and express themselves freely, without pesky corporations sniffing out their hideouts.

Web 2.0 will see an explosion of services similar to and StumbleUpon, community-created and community maintained services similar to Open Directory and Wikipedia.

The main target of Web 2.0 will be creating a place where people can be people. It will help the users interact and make new friends, share knowledge, thoughts, beliefs…….anything! This is what I think Web 2.0 must be all about.

Please spread the word about Web 2.0! 

November 11, 2005 at 5:47 pm 2 comments

Welcome to the Internet

Welcome to the world where people (still) have no rights, where children are not allowed to make mistakes, where the people’s lives are governed by big corporations and money-making gluttons. This world, once free, has been taken away by the people who created it and sold to those people who call themselves “innovators”. Welcome, my friend, to the Internet.

Taken away from the “hackers” who created the base for this world-wide network, now the Internet is dead. It holds no more meaning for the people who contributed to it’s development. It has now gone into the hands of corporations like Sony, Yahoo!, Google and – the worst of all – Microsoft.

These people play with your rights. They take away what is yours. The sell you things that come dirt cheap. You would be glad to know, that your very lives will soon be governed by these..ummm..assholes.

Jump in, people, and have fun.

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